EdReports is a non-profit organization designed to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest-quality instructional materials. Excellent curricula that advance student learning and support inclusive and affirming classroom environments are available, but too often these materials are not being used.

What We Do

From our experience working with partners, many factors can contribute to changing this reality: awareness of the importance and characteristics of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), state policies and practices that prioritize and/or facilitate the adoption of HQIM, district selection processes that dedicate the time and investigation necessary to identify materials that reflect local needs and fully invest all stakeholders in decision-making, and materials implementation plans that include clear indicators of success to monitor progress. 

EdReports works directly with school systems, regional service providers, and state departments of education in each of these key areas.

Fostering Conditions to Support High-Quality Instructional Materials

Research shows that high-quality instructional materials make a difference for student learning. EdReports can partner with your school system to create and foster the conditions that enable the adoption and implementation of high-quality instructional materials. 

Services may include:

  • Professional development to build understanding of the instructional materials landscape and ensure all stakeholders are aware, engaged, and invested in the role of instructional materials as integral to  equitable, engaging instruction
  • Supporting state-specific reviews of instructional materials (e.g. approved materials lists, state reviewer training)
  • Supporting the development and execution of communication strategies, including developing audience-or location-specific communications collateral such as the development of a state-specific website that utilizes EdReports’ API technology
  • Analyzing and helping clients navigate the local policy landscape related to instructional materials

“We have a responsibility to ensure that all students have equitable access to the education necessary to achieve their full potential. A key aspect of this is that all students receive strong, standards-aligned instruction and access to high-quality instructional materials. EdReports has been an instrumental partner as we’ve worked to provide statewide leadership that informs and supports the decisions made locally related to curriculum and instructional materials.”

Cory Epler, former Nebraska Department of Education Chief Academic Officer

Selecting High-Quality Instructional Materials that Reflect Local Priorities

The process through which you identify and select new materials can make or break the success of implementation. EdReports can provide critical support and expertise to states, regional offices, and school systems throughout an adoption process.

Services may include:

  • Developing an adoption process that reflects local policy context 
  • Facilitating the execution of an adoption process  
  • Developing and supporting the execution of a plan for stakeholder engagement throughout an adoption process
  • Creating tools for investigation of materials focused on local priorities (e.g. support for multilingual learners, culturally responsive practices, etc.)
“We really valued the adoption process and wanted to roll that into our work. That’s why it was so important to bring in external groups like EdReports to not only talk about why materials matter, but why the adoption process itself matters.” Phyllis Lynch, Director of the Office of Instruction Assessment and Curriculum, Rhode Island Department of Education

Supporting Early Implementation of High-Quality Instructional Materials

Early implementation efforts provide an opportunity to invest educators across a school system in newly adopted instructional materials. EdReports supports partners with key aspects of the implementation of materials.

Services may include:

  • Developing a plan to launch materials, including key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress of early implementation 
  • Developing a communications plan as part of the rollout of new materials
  • Supporting district leaders to monitor progress of early implementation and adjust plans as necessary
  • Facilitating the analysis of current materials to determine future needs

“The partnership with EdReports has been a driving force behind this work and what we've been able to accomplish as a state. Educators know where they can find independent information about the many available programs and understand why materials matter. Through EdReports' expertise, knowledge, and resources around smart adoption practices, districts have also had the tools to narrow down choices based on their local needs and priorities. EdReports is always looking forward to what districts need and how the organization can offer its support.”

Sherry Birchem, Director – Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies Ohio Department of Education

Through our services we strive to:

Prioritize high-quality instructional materials as a lever for student equity and an important support for teachers

Ensure that local context and instructional vision drive decision-making

Engage and prioritize diverse stakeholders, including educators, students, and families, in instructional materials work

Center the needs of students who have been least well-served by our education system

Provide information about instructional materials and strong selection processes, not recommendations about what to select

Work alongside and in collaboration with our partners, services are tailored to partners’ specific needs and contexts

EdReports is a certified provider in Rivet Education’s Professional Learning Partner Guide which helps educators find and connect with professional learning providers who meet their curriculum learning needs.