Meet the reviewers and staff of EdReports.org. Learn what we do and why we're committed to ensuring all students have access to high-quality instructional materials.


Eric 0:00
EdReports. We work with talented educators to identify instructional materials that are aligned to standards and can help teachers do best by kids. We recruit some of the most accomplished educators and ultimately, the evidence they collect is then free publicly available on our website and out there to inform the field.

Morgan 0:22
The first most important thing we're looking for is alignment to the standards, then we'll go ahead and say how usable the materials will be for teachers in their classroom.

Sam 0:31
Great materials impact students through the opportunity to access content and unique ways.

Tammy 0:37
It really gives you that headstart to know kind of the narrow the focus of where do you want to look and what do you need to look at.

Morgan 0:45
I hope that educators will use the tools to help make better decisions for their own districts and for their own students.

Maya 0:52
Teachers are working directly with students so they understand first and foremost, what students need. So it's very important for them to be at the table.

Eric 1:02
Everything we do is about making sure that all kids can be college and career ready and have an opportunity to succeed.

Tammy 1:09
The whole idea is that all of these kids have the ability we just have to give them the tools to get there.